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Resolving Neighborhood Conflicts:
Building Skills for Success


Have you ever experienced these or other similar challenging situations:


·         Your neighbor's dog barks and awakens you several nights a week

·         A neighbor wants to convert his garage into an apartment and you're concerned about noise, house values dropping, etc.

·         You disagree with a developer's plans for building in your neighborhood

·         Your neighbor has constructed a fence on what you consider to be your property.

·         Neighborhood teenagers are congregating at businesses and on the sidewalks in a three block area, causing disruption for the businesses and pedestrians

·         Your association board members cannot get along or a leader wants everything done his or her way


Whether you're facing these difficulties as an individual or as a neighborhood, homeowner or condo association, you can acquire skills to help negotiate an outcome that is workable for everyone.


Workshop 101                          


     You will learn:                                  

         Sources of conflict

·         How to listen to understand

·         How to work toward win-win solutions


Workshop 102                         


     You will learn:

·         Skills to help you communicate better

·         To focus on interests, not positions

·     To be a change agent for your neighborhood








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