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  1. What is mediation?

Mediation is a process whereby

  • A neutral and impartial third party (the mediator)

  • Facilitates communication between negotiating parties which

  • May enable the parties to reach a mutually acceptably agreement or a better understanding of each participants' interests, needs, values and options.

The parties are the decision makers, in collaboration with their attorneys or other persons upon whom they rely for advice. Mediation is based upon the principle of self-determination by the parties, which means the parties are the decision makers, and relies on the parties to reach a voluntary outcome.

  1. What happens at a mediation session?

The mediators guide the session.  Each of the parties has an opportunity to explain his or her perspective of the situation and issues.  The mediators listen to understand, and then help the parties to explore their individual and shared concerns.  The mediators help the parties to identify common interests, to probe areas of disagreement, and to craft an agreement.

The mediators are bound by a signed agreement to keep the mediation process confidential.

  1. How do I schedule/request mediation?

Call Just Solutions at 502/581-1961 and ask to speak to Case Management.  You will speak with a professional mediator, who will answer your questions and discuss the case with you.  There is no fee for this initial conversation, and the mediator will proceed with next steps only at your request.


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