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Presenter:  Amee Ramsey, MSW


This 4-hour workshop is designed to bring attention to power in the mediation process, particularly for family and divorce mediators.


Claire Baylis and Robyn Carroll (2005) give the following definition of power in the article Power Issues in Mediation (ADR Bulletin), “Power is the capacity to influence the behavior of others, their emotions, or the course of events.” 


The objective of this workshop is to explore the concept of power.  What do you think of when you hear the word power?  Do you think of negative or positive ideas?  John Gaventa states, “power is not just a negative, coercive or repressive thing that forces us to do things against our wishes, but can also be a necessary, productive and positive force.”  This workshop is designed to create a space where attendees can grapple with the concept and apply their new understanding in future mediations.          


The workshop will provide information and tasks that encourage participants to identify, respect, utilize, and address power in mediations.  Baylis and Carroll remind mediators that acknowledging and understanding power is crucial to the process of mediation where the concern is, “the parties’ ability to meet their needs and further their interests during the process and in any agreements reached as a result of the mediation.” 


This interactive workshop will cover the following topics:

·               Different forms of power

·             →  Faces of power

·             →  Power imbalances in mediation

·            →  Strategies to address power


At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion for four hours of continuing mediation education.



Is This Workshop For Me?

This workshop is for mediators, particularly those who practice family and divorce mediation, who would like to build upon their mediation training and experience, and who want to earn Continuing Mediation Education (CME) credits for Kentucky or other states.





     Thursday, May 19, 2016        9:00 am to 1:00 pm EDST




     Just Solutions Training Center

     The Chestnut Centre

     410 West Chestnut Street

     Louisville, Kentucky



 (Includes materials and lunch)


     $25     for Just Solutions' mediators

     $100   for all other registrants

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