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This highly interactive 40-hour seminar presents the concepts and skills to prepare participants to work as family mediators. Through lectures, small group discussions, exercises, demonstrations, videos and multiple role-plays, this training gives participants the opportunity to integrate the theory and skills needed by an effective family mediator.


To provide for personalized instruction, enrollment for each course is limited to ensure a close working relationship among the faculty, coaches and participants.  Faculty, mediators, and other participants will provide performance coaching. At the conclusion of the training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion of 40-hours of Family and Divorce Mediation Training. 



What You Will Learn:

This interactive training incorporates the core concepts and skills of the mediation process:

-         conflict management theories and strategies

-         interest-based negotiation

-         framing and reframing issues

-         refocusing, redirecting, and confronting to maintain control of the


-         managing impasses

-         exploring options

-         techniques for information gathering, especially screening for 

        impairments that may hinder free and open negotiation

-       agreement writing

-         considerations in cross-cultural mediation

-         ethics and standards

Along with:

-        recognizing the stages of divorce

-        working with children in family/divorce mediation

-        handling legal issues in family mediation

-        addressing parenting, property and financial matters

-        identifying and dealing with domestic violence issues



Is This Training For Me?

Does your work involve families in conflict or dealing with the transition of divorce and the separation of the family? Family/Divorce Mediation Training is designed for individuals who want to learn innovative problem-solving skills to help families resolve conflicts and achieve the difficult transition of separating their lives. It is especially well-suited to therapists, counselors, attorneys, clergy, and others who are interested in using new skills to help adults/parents build solid foundations for themselves and their children.



This training meets the mediation training guidelines of the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts.




  • March 11 - 15, 2019

               Discount deadline is January 25, 2019


8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST  each day

Fee: $1200 ($100 discount if full payment is received 45 days in advance)

KY CLE credit:  37.75 hours, including 1 ethics credit

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